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About Us

Who we are.

Pertouch is dedicated to customer insights and user experience with focus on everyday and household products. We are a brand new creative firm and innovation is part of our core competitiveness.

Pertouch is devoted to customer insights and a personal user experience with a focus on everyday and household products. We are a creative company founded on innovation, with the goal of providing original and inspired products for the discerning consumer.

Initiated by seasoned designers and marketing specialists, the Pertouch team is proud to bring years of branding experience, consumer feedback and ingenuity to the household products market.

Since 2014, Pertouch has joined hands with leading design agencies Balanced Design and Halskov & Dalsgagrd Design to co-develop eye-catching and innovative new products for home and travel. Each set piece is hand-designed and hand-made for a unique and fulfilling user experience every time. Pertouch is committed to becoming an influential life aesthetics brand and creating surprising and touching household products for consumers all over the world.